3 GREAT Summer Makeup Tips

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Wearing makeup in the summer can be challenging at best . With heat , sweat ,and humidity it can almost pointless to wear makeup in the summer . These three tips will help with your foundation,lips,and skin!


1. BB Cream

BB cream is the perfect alternative to your usual powder or liquid foundation! It lasts all day and is super easy to apply. Here.are two great creams to try

2.Tinted Lip Balm

Tinted lip is a god send during the summer months. It does double duty by not only hydrating your lips but also adds a pop of color without all the reapplying lipstick takes.


3. Facial Sunscreen

This is a must in the summer. Protecting your skin is the most important thing!



Thank you so much for reading!  Let know down in the comments what other tips you would like to see!  See you next week!

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