5 Things Do Do For Your Brows In 2016

Your brows are key feature on your face, So caring for them is important. Whether its getting them waxed properly or filling them in you should know how to take care of your brows.

1.Go to the Benefit Brow Bar 

This place is like heaven for brows. I go every two months just about and my brows come out amazing every time and it only cost about $20 which is a great deal!

2. Tweeze in between waxings

This helps keep your brows looking clean and not as bushy

3.Comb them out before you put your makeup on

4.Have the right tools for your brows


These are my favorite brushes to use ,the angle brush is what you would you with the pomade below, and the other to are for

5.Buy a brow pencil or gel

Brow fillers

These are perfect for shape and definition for your brows.

I hope  these tips help you 2016


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