6 Study Tips For 2016

With winter break ending tomorrow and school starting on Monday its time to really crack down on that study regimen. I started using these tips at the beginning of this school year the fall and here are some my favorites.


1.Follow Some Studyblrs

I love studyblrs for their advice,motivation and tips. They make it easier to keep pushing. I recommend going though the  tag and finding one that either studies what you study or has a similar style as yours


2. Get a Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is mix between a calendar and a journal. Its place to jot down notes,inspiring messages,and keep track of daily tasks.

bullet journal college

3. Create A Study Checklist

A great study checklist is an awesome way to start your study time off right

Pinterest study checklist


4. Set a Specific Study time

This a great way to keep yourself on track especially if you have a high course load

5. Know How Much Studying You Need To Do

One the best ways for figuring this out is 1 unit = 2 hours of study per week  so 12 units = 24 hours of study

For high school 1 hour of class = 1 hour of study

6. Get a Planner To Organize Your Day

Using a planner is great tool to have it helps organize you thoughts and plans for everyday

planner headeer


I hope these tips help you in the new year!




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