6 Ways to Stay Sharp in Theatre

When your season ends,schools out , or you take a break from performing but you still want keep up on your skills here are some tips.




No not what is on Broadway in the fall but what shows that your school or theater is putting on next season. Why? Because then you know the story line,characters, and  the characters you want to play . This helps tremendously when audition it takes a little bit of the edge off and you already know the accent and personality!



This not only helps to stay sharp but doing this during the break in season and changing your monologue helps auditions. Majority of the time schools and theaters ask for drama and comedy monologues. You just need a simple 3 minute monologue.



                         Don’t just practice this during the break in the season practice this all the time. It always helps to speak louder and clearer. Because if you audience can’t hear you who will?


When your school out and your still on your ” theater high” . This is a great way to meet more people who enjoy the same thing as you and to still gain experience in theater.


What this means is working on your eyeliner technique or practicing putting om false lashes. I will be coming out with a tutorial on what is and how to put on basic stage makeup.


This is my favorite because it makes want go home and earn all my lines again or make a costume hopefully worthy of the pantages. Watching shows helps because it will inspire you all over again, it will remind you why your in theater.

I hope everyone finds this post helpful and informative! If you have any questions just drop them in the commments

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