Back to School // Lessons From Junior Year


No this isn’t my what to expect in your Junior year post. This is my how I learned to be a better student post. Basically what today’s post is going to be is I’m going to share with you the story of why I needed to be a better student and then five tips that I used to help get my grades up and made my job as a student easier.

At the end of my sophomore year I received my final report card and basically I barely passed and I barely got out of sophomore year. I was lazy I chose not to do my homework or not to study. And it affected my grades and it would also affect me getting into college if I didn’t. I didn’t really think about those grades until the beginning of August when I got on to Tumblr  saw that back to school is trending. Now a little clarification I don’t hate school,I actually love school, I love learning, I love school supplies. I was just very lazy and so I clicked it because I liked all things school I just wasn’t very good at. What I found as you guys saw in Friday’s post was a community of studyblrs. And it basically showed me how to take better notes ,how to focus in class ,what to do when your classes are really early in the morning, and etc. And I just basically took advantage of this huge database of information helped me start my junior year off on the right foot. I’m about to share five tips that I learned or I implemented myself that helps me get through my junior high school, but I am happy to say my first semester I went from a 2.9 to a 3.4 and in my second semester I got a 4.0.

So my first step is studying, one of the biggest things that helped me last year was studying as obvious as that is or may sound. It was hard before I would sit in the college library or at my desk for hours trying to cram in four to five subjects of information at one time and by the first hour my brain was numb I wasn’t enjoying it I was getting bored I just stare at the pages.
So what I learned to do was to study for 30 minutes a subject with good and productive breaks. And what I mean by that is instead of going and laying on my bed with my phone. I’m maybe picking up the bathroom or organizing a section of my desk or working on one of these blog posts. So that I’m not stopping a chain of productivity but I’m breaking the pattern of what goes on. Another thing that helps me is basically I take notes for the whole week of class whatever class it is and then at the end of that week I take my pens  and rewrite those notes in a more organized way. This helps, one I’m rewriting information which makes me relearn it and then too it gives me a study sheet to look back on when we have tests especially when you go week-by-week usually you’re  probably going chapter by chapter so that helps too.
My second tip is where and what you study with it and basically what this means is where you study should be a place that makes you feel productive a place you want to sit a place that is not too distracting but offers enough inspiration for you to get work done.
And then what you study what is your supplies and basically when you have a really cute notebook I would rather use a really cute notebook . Using these making you excited to use those things usually drive you to study more.
My third tip is get a planner. Get a planner and use it because guess what sophomore, junior,and Senior year are busy.. very very busy. When you don’t know what events are happening or you forgot to write something down it messes you up and what I learned from this keep track and not make you frazzled so here’s a little story. Back in February I have a meeting with my counselor every month after I do a certain amount of homework. One time I came a week early to that meeting and it stressed me out because I thought I was going to miss my college class or I was not going to eat breakfast. So I started putting stuff in my planner,  in my phone and in my mom’s planner and it sounds like a lot of work but it’s literally 2 seconds of writing down 8 a.m. meeting on whatever day it is.4
My fourth tip is kind of continuing on from previous one.  Communication is so important not only with your teachers and your counselor but also  with your friends and stuff and it builds a relationship. Like at the beginning of the year we have our guidance counselor and I would probably be in her office once a week asking questions working with her getting on the right path for the ACT and SATS. By doing that and I have this really awesome relationship with her where we have plans in place for this coming school year we had a bunch of stuff done the previous school year. It also makes it so there’s a lot less hoops for you to jump through when you continuously talk with the office staff at your school or your teachers they already know what you’re doing and who you are so you don’t have to ask you for always extra things you probably already had that conversation.
My fifth and final tip is to take time for yourself in the midst of standardized testing, regular tests ,homework extracurriculars, and jobs all of these things you need to take your time and focus on yourself maybe it’s on your bed with music maybe it’s going to Chipotle with friends whatever it is where it’s not work. So for me that is really loud dance music and the gym. I better my body I don’t think about school I just work out.

Thanks for reading.

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