Five Makeup Brands You Can Actually Afford

We all love makeup and looking at those instagram videos that take up all of your time. But we also see the products are really expensive so here are some awesome make brands i love that work just as well as the expensive ones.

1.Elf Elf header

I LOOOOVVVEEE E.L.F they are affordable, good quality, and good for skin! ( i have not any problems nor anyone else i know who uses them) All of their single products range from $1 to $6 and their makeup sets range from $10 to $20 they are a really awesome you buy them at target.

2.NyxNYX header

Nyx is another one of those companies that has amazing products all of their products glide super easy and last most of the day. Their price range is $5 to $25

3. BH Cosmetics

Bh cosmetics header BH Cosmetics is perfect for huge multiple color palettes at a great price. their price range is $10 – $30

4. OCC

OCC Header

OCC is your go to for super vibrant colors especially their lip tar.  Their price range is $15 -$30


5. Coastal Scents

Coastal scents header

Coastal scents has really good products and a lot of great dupes. Their price range $10 to $40


I hope this helps you guys out with getting some awesome makeup products to up your make game in 2016!





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  1. Bernice Pierre says: Reply

    For the price these are all very good makeup brands! I especially like NYX and always use the elf makeup brushes! I haven’t actually tried the other brands but they are worth checking out. I have brought many of the prestige makeup brands but they are not always better than the less expensive brands!

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