Structured Pattern Skirt

I had to make a project this past week for a contest  and i decided to share what i made with you! I had  a pattern that wouldst fit me so i decided to make in to a skirt that i could wear.


  • Sewing Pattern
  • MD Hobby Craft Chicken Wire
  • Aleenes Tacky Glue
  • Heart die
  •  Gold Glitter Spray Paint
  • Glitter sealer spray paint
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • White Spray Paint

1.  Take Out your chick hen wire and with gloves  wrap it around your body for ypur desired length. Then cut

2. Shape your chicken wire into a skirt then try it on. Adjust accordingly ,then cut of any sharp ends

3 Using a heart die cut and the pattern cut out the hearts. I would recommend leaving the pattern folded to cut out the hearts faster.

4. Then glue that hearts tip to tip with the tacky glue

5. Attach the hearts to the chicken wire frame by gluing a line on the string of hearts and folding over 1/2 inch, repeat along the top and in the middle to get volume

6.Spray the top gold and spray down pulling farther and farther away to create a ombre effect and then spray the white paint on the edge lightly and add the glitter paint.Seal ,Then let dry

eedit skirt 3


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