Welcome to 2016!!!! // Happy New Year!!

We made it to 2016! Yay! I’m so excited for the things to come for this blog and everything else in the future. Today I’m going to tell you about my mantras for 2016 And why I use a bullet journal to stay on the right path.

1. Throw Hesitation Into the Wind

This past year I had a lot of trouble with going up to people,or saying yes to anything out fear or second guessing what would happen making me miss out on a lot of opportunities

2.  Leave Naysayers In 2015

Enough Said. If someone in our life isn’t for your best interests kick them out of it!

3. Look at Things In a Positive Light

Last i was constantly thinking of the worst thing that could happen,or the cons instead of the pros.

4. Work Towards No Regrets

Instead not doing something or finding an excuse around every corner for not doing something . I going to hold myself to the goals I set and finish them.

5.  Never Be Afraid To Be Myself

I constantly think  about what other people will think about me instead of thinking how much I enjoy being in that experience

6. Blow ‘Em Away

My top goal for this year is to knock everyone’s socks working harder, feeling better and kicking butt


These are my mantras and goals for this year what yours share in comments.



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